• Afghanistan 2012 blanket distribution

     The Jerrahi Order of America distributed 1500 blankets to Afghan refugees who were suffering under dire conditions in the cold winter months; in addition, $5000 was sent to be distributed to … more

  • Zakat distribution in Somalia, August 2011

    In August, 2011, we sent $35,000 from our Zakat collection to Somalia (through Islamic Relief USA). The people were facing the worst famine in more than half a century. All administrative costs … more

  • Food distribution in Afganistan, January 2011

    The Jerrahi Order of America donated cash to provide food for unfortunate women and children in Afghanistan in January, 2011 The funds were sent through Shqipe Malushi, who works as a gender … more

  • YFH Trip to Haiti June 2010

    July 19th 2010

         From June 1 to June 10, a group of eleven people, most of them college students, visited Haiti under the auspices of the community service group, Youth for … more

  • Haiti Earthquake Relief - January 2010


    Jerrahi Order of America sent $23,000 to the victims of the Haiti Earthquake, the money was used to provide food and medical care. Members of the Jerrahi community including medical … more

  • YFH Trip to Damascus Syria 2008

    January 2008

         Today we distributed heaters, clothing, food and money to Iraqi refugees. We learned, firsthand, that the government’s assurances about Iraqis are not … more

  • Zakat distribution in Gaza

    September 2007 

    $20,000 of collected Zakat money was sent and distributed to the needy Muslims in Gaza and The West Bank. Distribution is completed during the month of Ramadan. More Click … more