• JOA Relief Efforts - 2017

    Syrian refugees - May 2017 In response to a plea for assistance from the refugee aid group Connect Children Now in Lebanon, the Jerrahi Order has contributed $27,000 for food for Syrian refugees, … more

  • JOA Relief Efforts - 2016

    The Jerrahi Order has been active in international and local relief efforts in May, especially in preparation for Ramadan.

    Syrian refugees in Lebanon In May, the Jerrahi Order sent $18,800 to ACCN … more

  • Report on Aid to Gaza - 2015

    October 16, 2015

    The Jerrahi Order of America has just sent $24,000 to furnish snacks for an after-school remedial program in Gaza that serves 1000 young children, many of whom come from very poor … more

  • Aid for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, winter 2013

     In October 2013, the Jerrahi Order sent $20,000 from Zakat monies to Lebanon to buy blankets, children's quilted winter coats and rubber boots for Syrian refugees in camps in Lebanon and Jordan. … more

  • Aid to HADER-Kosova, September 2013

     The Jerrahi sent $3,000 to the HADER Centre in Prizren, Kosova. With this, the centre purchased two qurbans and served an Eid dinner at the centre for the children and their families. Remaining … more

  • Aid to Syrian Refugees, December 2012

    The Jerrahi Order sent over 21,000 kg of food and 3,500 blankets to Syrian refugees who live in a 13,000-people camp close to the Turkish border. They are scheduled to reach the camps and be … more

  • Jerrahi Sends Aid to Kosova - October 2012

    The Jerrahi Order of America sent $3000 to the HADER Center in Kosova in October. With this, they bought 2 qurbans and prepared an Eid dinner for children and their families. The balance went to buy … more