Adaptation of Hd. Ibn Arabi's Futuhat Al-Makkiyya

Oh, My Dear Companions on the Path to Truth,

Seek the company of the men of knowledge. Listen to their words of wisdom, for the hearts which are adamant become alive, warmed by the light of wisdom, as the sleeping earth turns green with the spring rain.

Speak less, for it is the way of the wise, although few can do it.

Neither stop hoping for Allah’s compassion and forgiveness, nor think that His punishment is sure. Fear Him, but keep hoping, and love Him.

If you say that you have only one heart which is all filled with the love of this world, know that the faithful one has two hearts, neither of which was created for the love of this world. One fears Allah and the other hopes for His compassion.

Say Estaghfirullah (Oh Lord forgive me) often so that you will catch that time when Allah accepts all prayers.

Many of us carry heavy loads, responsibilities not lighter than the stone which the menial worker carries on his back. But there is no heavier load than a bad neighbor, or the company of someone whose nature is the opposite of one’s own.

Many of us taste pain, but there is no greater pain than poverty.

Neither borrow nor lend, for doing so will keep you awake at night and poison your days.

Know that an action which you wish to take will only succeed if you have strong faith. He whose faith is weak will perform weak action and will fail in the end. When Satan puts doubt in your heart, only your faith in Allah can pull it out.

When laziness overcomes you, you can only conquer it by remembering death and the Day of Last Judgment. The condition of laziness, leaving things for tomorrow, is the way of the ones who think they will never die.

Never delegate anyone who is unintelligent and ignorant to do something for you, or in your name. It is better to do it yourself.

Beware of lying. To lie is like eating radishes, which whet your appetite but burn your stomach.

Choose to participate in funerals rather than wedding feasts, for death reminds you of the hereafter while a feast ties you to this world.

Don’t eat again soon after you have eaten. Even if you are offered the best food, it is better to feed it to a dog than to eat it yourself.

Don’t be too sweet, or people will devour you; don’t be too bitter, or people will throw you down and crush you.

Are you lazier than the rooster which crows at dawn? Then why are you lying asleep when the rooster has awoken?

Don’t delay repentance, for death may come upon you unexpectedly.

Don’t be fooled by the love of the ignorant.

Fear Allah who sees you at all times, and don’t pretend to be what you are not.

Feed the believers.

Consult the ones who know in things you do.

Love your friends. Respect the friends of your parents.

This world is an ocean; so many drown in it. You can only be safe in the boat of the fear, hope and love of Allah, whose sail is faith, whose rudder is trust in Allah. Nothing else will help you.

Wisdom makes the pauper sit on the throne of kings.

Parents who discipline their children are like the gardeners who water their flowers.

There are three tests for three qualities:

  • Kindness is proven at the time of anger.
  • Valor is proven at the time of tyranny.
  • Generosity is proven at the time when one is in need oneself.

If you wish to test a friend, try to make him angry. If he forgives you, keep him. If he gets angry, leave him.

Someone asked another if he could have something sweet. He was brought a beef tongue. The man was annoyed, but the one who offered the tongue explained that it was the sweetest thing in the world. Then the man said, "Then bring me something bitter." He was again brought the same tongue, and he was told that that it was also the most bitter thing in the world.

The Messenger of Allah (saws) said, "Speak softly; better still speak little; that is what the wise do. But the ones who do it are very few."

from a Hadith of advice from Hd. Luqman (as) to his son

Allah Most High created His angels as the manifestation of His attribute Al Qawi, the Possessor of All Strength. And the strongest amongst them are the angels of Hell. The strength of mankind is limited. Knowing this, Allah only offers man things to do which are within the limits of his strength. It is He who orders the obligation to act and gives others the strength to act with His strength.

And the sincere believer who cannot, on his own, gather the strength to do what he is ordered to do, is helped by Allah’s angels in their manifestation of the Possessor of All Strength.

The strongest among Allah’s creation is woman, for she is the most desired. The one who desires is always weaker that the one who is desired.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

"(Oh Aysha and Hafsa) If you are planning to make alliance against your husband, Muhammad, know that Allah and Gabriel and all true believers and angels are his helpers."

In this verse, Allah declares the immense power of women, against which Allah mentions so many material and spiritual forces. Allah has created His most powerful angels from the breath of women. That is why the Messenger of Allah (saws) says:

"Fear the world and fear women."

From the Futuhat al-Makkiyya of Hd. Ibn Arabi (ks)