Guidance for Followers of Hd. Pir Nureddin al-Jerrahi (ks)

A dervish who has been led to the tariqat Halveti Jerrahi is finding his place in this life which was allotted to him on the day when Allahu t’aala addressed the souls, saying,             

                       ELESTU BI RABBIKUM? (Am I not your Lord?)

and our souls answered

                       BELAA  (Indeed You are our Lord).

His guide, who led him to this place, is Hd. Pir Muhammad Nureddin Jerrahi (KS). As our blessed Pir is the instrument to bring him to Iman, Islam and Ihsan, in recognition of this honor he vows loyalty to the path of Jerrahiyyah until he departs from this world.

Even in the hereafter he is to serve Hd. Pir, whom we hope to meet under the banner of Hd. Muhammad (saws). This vow includes doing the duties of a dervish with perfect loyalty and to the full capabilities of his intelligence and strength, defending the honor and integrity of his tariqat and the members of the tariqat, valuing the honor and the interests of his tariqat over his personal honor and interest, serving to the extent of his capability the tariqat and the members of the tariqat and whomever and whatever is to be served in the name of the tariqat. He should not wish for or try to take away anything that is in the hands of the members of the tariqat, and he should protect the honor of the women of the tariqat, be sincere and never lie to the members of the tariqat. He should consider his shaikh fully trustworthy in all affairs and, when asked by his shaikh, not to keep anything secret from him, and to keep all the matters of the tariqat as a secret from the outside world, as well as the affairs of the shaikh and the other members of the tariqat.

When he is invited, whether for a feast or to wage war, he should accept the invitation. If there is a lawful impediment he should immediately explain. If his excuse is not accepted he will accept the punishment. He should be at all times totally loyal to the tariqat and try his best to prevent others from being disloyal. If any member of the tariqat is about to be expelled because of grave faults, he should recognize and not excuse the fault but at the same time, try his best to help and educate that member to get rid of his faults.

For the good of all other members of the tariqat, as well as fulfilling other necessary duties within the tariqat, he is to work hard with his body, with his tongue, and with his heart and with his prayers. He should show love and friendship to and help the members of the tariqat, and in adversity from one or some of them, he should never stop hoping and striving for reconciliation.

He should try not to see the faults of others. If he does he should hide them. And at any price he should guard the unity of the tariqat. May Allah give us the strength and patience to exercise what we have promised our Lord.