The Cleansing of the Heart (11/30/1990)

Dear companions on the path to Truth,

May Allah's peace, blessings, love and compassion be upon you and your families.

May Allah Most High make my words heard and be effective.

Allah has created Man in two parts. He created his body from coarse materials of earth and water, fire and ether. created his soul from a divine material of Light and breathed it into him. The soul was to be the master, the rider and the body of the horse. The body yearns for the world because it is made of the same material and will return to it. The soul yearns for perfection and Allah, and it will return to Him. The soul is meant for perfection.


At birth, just like the body, the soul is a child and has to grow. There are two possible ways for the soul to grow and reach perfection. One is through this world--watching it, seeing Allah's attributes in it, serving Allah’s creatures in it, etc.


Now, it is also possible for the soul to fail, to be tempted by this world and forget Allah, to rebel and create confusion and disasters in it.


In this way, the soul is learning about Allah through His material creation including Man's physical body, which is impure. The mud and dirt of this world, if permitted into one’s being, clouds the mirror of the heart, and the light of the soul is veiled. This is our state.


Then what has to be done is the cleansing of the heart. To fight against one’s ego, one’s personal devil, is what we call Mujahada, the Spiritual Battle. In this first way of trying to educate and perfect your soul through the observations of this world, your physical being, your senses, your mind, cannot always be relied on; with their association and imagination they alter and hide the truth. That is why we have "our different opinions", "our likes and dislikes", and we discuss! We get angry with the ones who do not agree with us. We fight, wage wars, condemn, kill ...sometimes in the name of religion, of Truth, of Islam!


There is but one Truth. And if you knew It, everybody else who opposed It, who cursed at It, who fought against it WOULD BE A PART OF THE TRUTH. You would accept them and not condemn them as your enemies.


How does one come to know that Truth, "al-Haqq"? It is through the second, the best, the least known and less practiced Sufi way for the education of the soul. It is natural for soul to love its Creator. So follow the Path of Love. Through the love of the Beloved, the eye of the head is closed, the eye of the heart opens. The physical eyes see the beauty and the ugly. The eye of the heart sees only the beautiful. The eye of the heart seeks the Truth from the inner self, not the world. The eye of the heart looks into the "Realm of the souls" which Allah has created before He gave them bodies. There is no deception there, because this knowledge comes directly from Allah.


What to do to know Allah by Allah? Allah says, "And love and fear Allah and Allah teaches you." So you love and fear Allah. And Allah says, "And what Allah has created in the heavens and the World, surely these are signs for the people who love and fear Allah."


Then serve Allah. Allah does not need your service for Him. So serve His religion, Man, all His creation. Allah says, "those who struggle in our cause, surely we will guide them in our ways', and He says, "if you keep your duty to Allah, He will give you the ability to discriminate (between Truth and untruth.")


And when you are taught something in Allah's way act upon it. For Allah's messenger (SAWS) says, "He who acts according to what he knows, Allah will teach him what he knows not.


In this Path of Love, the sign of your success is to see only the beautiful, only the right, only the Light ...Allah warns the enemies of the lovers of Allah and says: "Beware of the sight of the Believer for he sees with the Light of Allah."


May we all see with the light of Allah, and discern the Truth from the lies of our egos. Amin bi hurmati Sayyid al mursalin.