The Way to Love Allah (6/2/2002)

O my dearest children,

By now you know, and you are wise, and you have to realize that we must have only one goal in this life, and that is to love God. The way to achieve this goal is by being heedful and sincere, and by looking around you and at yourself. Your faith will help you to realize that what you see doesn’t exist of itself, but is from Allah. Everything is a manifestation of His art, His attributes and His actions. Furthermore, all that you see is Allah’s gift to you, a manifestation of His love for you. But this Divine Love becomes real only when you realize it and are grateful. And when this love of your Lord fills your heart, only then you will be able to love Him, as He Himself says,

“He loves them, and they love Him.”

When that truly happens, there are clear signs:

“If Allah loves one, all and everyone love him.”

“When His servant loves his Lord, he sees the Real Reality, the Truth, and what is in people's hearts; and the people who love him also find the Truth, and Allah loves them too.”


The beloved of Allah, Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.w.s) says,

“When his Lord loves His servant, He dips His love for him in waters, and whoever drinks from these waters, Allah loves them, too.”

The one whom Allah loves has his sins erased. His faults disappear, for if he is loved, he must be pure and beautiful. He is close to Allah and assumes His Beautiful Names.


He first realizes, loves and is thankful for Allah’s attributes in His creation. He is pleased with both the good and the bad, which come from Him. He can find this state only when he leaves himself behind; when he is selfless. The reward is promised by our Lord, Who says,

“Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Allah.”


And then the one whom Allah loves sees Allah’s action in all that happens. He loses the impression of causes and effects, as well as the idea that any successes in his life are from his own efforts. He sees that he cannot do, but that Allah does all, even if it seems to be done by his own hands. He therefore tries to be a good tool in Allah’s Hand, and he does the best he can and leaves it in Allah’s Hand. And Allah says,

“Allah loves the one who trusts in Him, and who depends only on Him.”

The sign of Tawakkul, the trust in Allah, is an awe for all that is happening around us, and a feeling of our nothingness. Allah says,

“Look at the signs of Allah’s beneficence, how He brought back the earth to life after it was dead.”

And finally, men can love Allah’s Essence only through loving mankind for His sake. It is men’s birthright to love each other, because our souls are the same. Allah says that He blew into man his soul from His own Soul, so we are all soul brothers. And the one who loves all humanity for the sake of the One who blew His own Soul into us, is loved by Allah, Who says,

“To love those who love each other for My sake is My obligation.”

If we allow it to, this soul brotherhood will ascend to our physical being, to our way of life and it will become our way of life. Some relationships are stronger than blood relationships. The relationship of the Soul can only become manifest with faith in the Owner and Origin of all souls. The Messenger of Allah says,

“The ones who do not love each other for Allah’s sake, have not yet found faith in Allah.”

The faithful who love each other form a united, strong happy family, envied by all who are left out, for they are in harmony, sincere, loyal, caring for each other. Their company is a hospice where sick and needy souls seek remedy, their compassion for all humanity is food for the hungry. Their sign is beauty of character and behavior, justice for all and generosity.


And that is what I see in my children and in our community. May Allah Most High protect and perfect our faith and continue giving us the strength and means to serve for His Sake. All success is from Him in things we do for His sake.


Amin bi hurmati seyyid al mursalin.