Words of Wisdom from Shaykh Safer Efendi (ra)

My Dear Children,

As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

Many years ago, one of the nights when we stayed up till morning, our shaykh Safer Efendi gave me some “pearls of wisdom” to ponder upon, and to one day give to you to reflect upon… Here they are:


•           He does not give to the one who wants, but gives to whomever He wants.

•           If you are successful in this Path, it is only because of His generosity.

•           The true man is the one whose main feature is truthfulness, in whom Truth has found a valiant hero,                     who takes Truth from the source and gives to the ones who are able to keep it, in the amount they


•           To mix into the affairs of the world is to mix oneself into the judgement of God.

•           Man is he who does not lose the rights of others.

•           To mix into the affairs of the world is to mix oneself into the judgement of God.

•           Wise is he who is neither fooled by the world, nor attempts to fool the world.

•           The seeker who really finds his direction on the Path to Truth certainly will show some signs of it in

            his state.

•           The word of the shaykh is that which ignites the fire of love in the seeker.

•           When i stop loving myself, i know that my shaykh loves me.

•           You are human if your character is true. But the Truth of your essence is proven only if your words

            are human.

•           It is not enough to say that there is one God. One must see only One.

•           Amongst the friends of Allah, the sign of true faith is love.

•           The true servant of Allah is he who substitutes that which is necessary for that which is possible.

•           The purpose of all your devotion, your prayers, your prostrations, is but to make all your being


•           If you wish to Be, help others to become. If you wish to Find, be Nothing.

•           Every instant is a lifetime for the wise, for Time is his time, Life is his life.

•           The attribute of a perfect man is that he has no attributes.

•           Love is such a magnet that the whole world gravitates around it.

•           If you are truly a lover, take the mirror in your hand and look at yourself.

•           Every word of the one who is in love is a fruit of Paradise. If you do not have a taste for it, at least do

            not throw stones at it.


With the hope that all of you will find some words which will mean something for you, i humbly pray for your good and leave you in the care of Allah Most High.