The Prophet (saws) Answers a Bedouin's Questions

In a hadith related by Enes ibn Malik r.a.:

     A bedouin came to Resulullah, saws.   Giving his  salutations, he said  that he had some questions and begged him to answer them.  He asked:

     “I wish to be the most intelligent of all men, what should I do?”

     Resulullah, saws, said:  ”Fear Allah.”

     “I wish to be a sincere servant of Allah.  What can I do?”

     “Read the Holy Quran and act upon what it says.”

     “I wish to be heedful at all times?”

     “Remember death always.”

     “How can I prevent harm coming from my enemies?”

     “Trust Allah and accept what happens to you.”

     “I wish to be on the path to truth?”

     “Then do good to others for Allah’s sake.”

     “I do not wish to be belittled by Allah?”

     “Then be the master of your ego.”

     “I want to live long?”

     "Be thankful and praise Allah.”

     “I wish to prosper?”

     “Be clean and always in a state of ablution.”

     “How can I save myself from hell-fire?”

     “Control your hands, your eyes, your tongue and the desires of your flesh.”

     “How can I rid myself of my sins?”

     “Repent with tears of regret and let each organ of your being which has sinned pay for what it has done.”

     "I wish to be a serious person?”

     “Then do not ask for anything from anybody except from Allah.”

     “I wish to be honorable?”

     “Then do not see the wrongs of others and do not criticize.”

     “How can I save myself from the tortures of the grave?”

     “Keep reading the Surah ‘Mulk’; the answer is in it.”

     "I wish to be rich?”

     “Read surah ‘Muzemmil’ every evening; the answer is in it.”

     “How could I ease the fear of the day of last judgement?”

     “Remember Allah before you eat and before you sleep.”

     “What can I do to feel the presence of Allah when I do my prayers?”

     “Be certain to be clean and, in your ablutions, try to cleanse your inner self as well as your body.”

“Oh my brothers and sisters, let us be prepared, for the migration is near.  Let us prepare our sustainance for the hearafter, because the trip is long.  Let us remember death which takes away all taste.  Everyone who climbs high will come down.  Everyone honored may be dishonored. Life ends in death, the world in the hereafter.  The only indication of intelligence is to leave this world of imagination for the truth of the hereafter.  Let us gather our capital in the life of this world for our death .  We do not know what our name will be tomorrow.  Look, the world has turned its back to us and our death has turned its face to us.  This is a place of trouble and of wear and tear, it is not a place made to live permanently.  It is a stop over, but not a place to rest.  The love of this world in our hearts is the key to all that is wrong.  Don’t you see that Allah has given this world both to the ones whom He loves and to the ones whom He hates, but the hereafter is only for the ones whom He loves.  Let us not permit the temporal beauties of this world to distract us from the eternal beauties of Paradise.  Let us strive only for the sake of Allah, for the pleasure of Allah,”  said the Beloved of Allah, the Mercy sent upon the universe.  May Allah bless him and his family and his companions and the ones whom he loved and the ones who love him, who prove their love by following his example.