Signs of End of the World

In a Hadith reported by Hz. Ali, kerrem Allahu wejehu, the Messenger of Allah,  s.a.w.s., said:    

There will come a time when Muslims will be  Muslims in name only, and all that will be left of the religion of Islam will be its name. No one will follow Allah’s orders in the Quran.  No one will perform his salat. Neither will the Muslims fast, pay the zakat, nor will they go on the Hajj.  The Quran will be taught only as literature.  No one will know its real meaning. Even if a few understand its meaning, they will not apply it in their lives.  Even if a few act upon Allah’s orders, they will do it as a show.  There will still be mosques, as works of art. There will be neither a congregation who is there in sincerity, nor will there be an Imam who acts upon his knowledge.  These mosques will be like fountains without water.  At that time, the worst amongst them will be respected as wise men.  They will cause division amongst people and spread hatred.  But they themselves, and the people who follow them, will be drowned in their own hatred. These are the signs of the coming of the day of last judgement.


The other signs of the last day are:


The bounty of Allah will diminish.  No one will be satisfied with his lot; no one will feel that he has enough.


No one will  feel shame any more.  Conscience will disappear.  Respect, love and duty to one’s parents will be forgotten.  Mothers and fathers will be treated like strangers.


Men will no longer have the fear of Allah in their hearts.


People will hate people.  Cases of murder will increase.


Instead of hiding one’s sins, one will proudly exhibit them.


People will borrow more than they can ever repay.


People will eat anything without considering if it is clean or dirty,  good or bad.

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Children will be born out of wedlock, and will not be ashamed of it.


Respect and friendship will depend on riches and fame.


Sinners and perverts will raise their voices in public even in houses of God, and they will be thought better than honest people.


No one will consider or help the poor.


Property entrusted to others will be used by them as if it were their own.


Women will be superior to men, who will be reduced to slavery.


Generosity will be expressed by giving to the ones who do not need it.


In the mosques and places of worship,  preachers will incite people to violence.


People in the position of governing will not hide their shameful acts.


People will serve tyrants.


Gifts will be given for personal gain.


Women will become like men, and men like women.


People will be forbidden to follow Allah’s orders, and they will be forced to do what Allah forbids.


All the Jews of the world will gather around Jerusalem.


The non-believers will divide the land and the riches of the Muslims amongst themselves.


            When these signs were given to the blessed companions of the Prophet, s.a.w.s, they asked,

“Oh, the Messenger of Allah, will there then be no Muslims left?”  He answered, “Nay, they will be as many as the sands of the desert, but they will all love the life of this world and fear death.”