JOA Relief Efforts 2016

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

In May, the Jerrahi Order sent $18,800 to ACCN (Association Connect Children Now). With these funds, food parcels containing staples such as beans, rice and sugar were created for 700 families.

Message from Connect Children Now: "With your generosity and support we started the distributions of food parcels on Thursday, and yesterday completed the distributions to all the targeted refugee families, mainly widows who have lost their husbands in the Syria war. Everyone was so happy with the food boxes coming just before the holy month of Ramadan. One of the mothers said this is the best food parcel she ever got."

Update from June 18: “Connect Children Now” thanks the Jerrahi Order for its recent donation. The food parcels allowed over 4,000 people to have iftars for a week, including many children who otherwise would have gone hungry. The organization hopes that the Jerrahi Order might be able to further fund Eid gifts and treats.

Message from Connect Children Now: “We at “Connect Children Now” highly appreciate you supporting our efforts in helping people who are escaping conflict and relieving hunger and hardship during this Ramadan. Our field staff and volunteers and all the families you have helped and fed thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We pray that God will multiply every one of the gifts you have given.”

Update from July 20: Jerrahi Order of America was able to provide 705 food parcels and 849 toys to Syrian refugee families in three Lebanese camps and two tented settlements. Receiving gifts and food lifted the spirits of families who have nothing extra to spare for holiday festivities. 85% of the families are headed by women (including many widows). 

An estimated 4,230 people benefited from the food staples such as tea, rice and chick peas, and gifts such as soccer balls, educational toys, and jump ropes. Young volunteers and people from the local community kindly assisted in organizing distribution in the camps. 

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - Relief Work Images

North Lebanon Refugee - Eid ul Adha 2016 - Relief Work Images

Food distribution in Gaza

In addition, the week of 5/6/16, we sent $20,000 to CFTA (Culture and Free Thought Association) in Gaza. Part of the funds will go towards the purchase and distribution of food coupons (restricted for 60 basic food items), and the rest will provide hot meals in Ramadan to needy families. CFTA will handle the distribution and send more information soon.

In November, the Jerrahi Order has donated $10,000 to CFTA (Culture and Free Thought Association) in Gaza. The funds will be used to provide a small meal or snack to students from needy Gazan families enrolled in the after-school remedial classes of CFTA. The children, who have many challenges, receive two extra hours of support after school. Since many of them suffer from anemia and malnutrition, food is as essential as the lessons.

Ramadan food distribution in Afghanistan

We also sent $25,000 sent to Afghanistan via ATCE (Afghan Turk Cag Educational NGO) on 3/11/16. $24,600 will provide 820 Ramadan food parcels, each containing five basic food items, with the remainder covering distribution.

Ramadan food distribution in Aleppo, Syria and Kosovo

We made a $5,000 contribution to Islamic Relief’s program in Aleppo, Syria on 5/6/16, and a $1,000 contribution on 5/9/16 to HADER (a disabled center) in Kosovo to help with their Ramadan preparations.

Local relief efforts

In May, our local relief efforts this month include a $1000 contribution to the Rockland County organization Helping Hands on 5/6/16, and a $3,000 (annual contribution) for the Rockland Interfaith Breakfast Program on 5/9/16.

In December 2016, The Jerrahi Order offered some assistance close to home. Fifteen coats and backpacks were donated to impoverished students attending our neighborhood school, the Chestnut Ridge Middle School.

Syrian refugees in Izmir

In June, the Jerrahi Mosque contributed $10,000 to a relief program organized by Izmir University in Turkey. The university bought and and distributed food parcels to 1000 Syrian refugees in Izmir, Turkey during the month of Ramadan. Each parcel contains basics such as dates, oil, sugar, rice and beans as well as hygiene products.

Finally, in October, The Jerrahi Order of America has donated $7,000 for the relief of Syrian refugees in Izmir, Turkey. Over $6,000 was sent to Bizim Market for 402 boxes each containing such staples as oil, flour, pasta, sugar, beans, rice and tomato paste. Over $900 was allotted to purchase fifty bedding sets, each including a mattress, a blanket and a pillow.

Syrian Refugees in Izmir - Relief Work Images (June 2016)
Syrian Refugees in Izmir - Relief Work Images (November 2016)

Haiti relief efforts

The Jerrahi Order has just made a donation of $10,000 to Rockland County Haiti Relief ( Members of the organization will be traveling to Haiti in November to distribute food, medicine and other desperately needed supplies to people suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The Jerrahi Order’s contribution has been earmarked for food staples, medicine and water purification tablets.