JOA Relief Efforts 2017

Syrian refugees - May 2017

In response to a plea for assistance from the refugee aid group Connect Children Now in Lebanon, the Jerrahi Order has contributed $27,000 for food for Syrian refugees, in anticipation of the month of Ramadan. Manal Eid, our contact there, says that all the refugees are needy, but female-headed households are especially struggling to feed their children. In addition, the UNHCR keeps reducing the number of families in their food program, so the need is becoming even more acute. The Jerrahi Order’s contribution will go towards such staples as flour, sugar, beans, milk powder, oil, tea and rice. This amount will fund food parcels for an estimated 1000 families.On June 14, The Jerrahi Order decided to send an additional $9500 for Eid ul Fitr to Connect Children Now, either to distribute $100 each to 95 families or to buy Eid gifts such as clothing and toys for the children.

Syrian refugees - May 2017 - Relief Work Images

Helping Gazan Families for Ramadan

On 5/15/2017, The Jerrahi Order sent $17,000 for 500 food packages to CFTA in Gaza. An additional $9,500 was sent on 5/22/2017. These packages will contain staples such as rice, sugar and oil to provide families with iftar meals for Ramadan. In addition, the Jerrahi Order sent $9500 to CFTA for Eid ul-Fitr. This will be used for cash distribution as well as clothes and gifts for children.

Helping Hader in Kosova - Saban, Ramadan 2017

In Mid-May, the Jerrahi Order sent $1,000 to HADER, an organization in Kosovo that helps disabled children. $1,000 more will be sent in time for the Eid.

Ramadan 2017 - Syrian Refugees in Izmir

The Jerrahi Order funded food packages (total amount $2,700) for 177 Syrian families in 4 refugees camps in Izmir, Turkey. Each package contains staples such as oil, sugar, flour, lentils, rice, and dates. On June 5, The Jerrahi Order decided to send $6250 more, in order to be able to help 395 more families with the same food packages as described above. On June 11, in addition to the food distribution, we decided to distribute $100 per family to 400 families who live in the camps, totaling $40,000.

Syrian refugees - Izmir Ramadan 2017 - Relief Work Images

Supporting Helping Hands Organization

The Jerrahi Order, in its efforts to assist people locally as well as internationally, presented a check for $10,000 to Rockland County's Helping Hands president Raoul Cansino. Helping Hands was founded to help the homeless population in the county with food, shelter and other assistance.

Eid Gifts to Inmates and Scholarship Students

The Jerrahi Order sponsors eight students, each receiving full academic scholarship at Al-Quds University in the West Bank. On June 12, 2017, they each received a gift of $100 on the occasion of Eid.
On June 12, 2017, Jerrahi Order decided to send $200 money orders to 5 Muslim inmates as Eid gifts.

Eid-ul Fitr 2017 - Helping Afghan Families

On June 19, 2017, The Jerrahi Order decided to send money to needy Afghan families for Eid ul Fitr in the amount of $20,000. 200 families will receive $100 each. Distributions will be made by two reliable organizations.

Al Quds University - November 2017

In November, the Jerrahi Order decided to award scholarships to 5 new students at Al-Quds University, to replace graduating students who had been subsidized. The total is $38,800, which will be sent in two installments.