Ramadan 1420 - 2

My Dear Companions on the Path to Truth,

As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

Allah Most High says,

"Compete with each other in helping the one's in need. Spend for Allah's sake of the best and cleanest from what We have brought forth from the earth for you, and from what you gain. Do not give as alms things which you yourself woulld not take. As long as you cannot give what you love for Allah's sake you will not reach the level of true piety and receive Allah's mercy and grace."

The Messenger of Allah (saws) says,

“Believers are the brothers and sisters of the believers. They neither hurt each other or leave each other helpless in times of need. Whoever helps the one in need, Allah helps him when he will be in need.”

Our Master (saws) also says,

“Believers should love each other, be compassionate, caring, and generous amongst themselves, and be as a single body. When a part of ones body is hurt, all of one's being feels it. And other parts of the body, the eye, the mind, the hand,should try to heal the wound.”

He (saws) further says,

“Allah is compassionate to the one who is compassionate. Be compassionate to the inhabitants of this earth, so that the inhabitants of the Heavens pour their compassion upon you.

Many of us in our community have heard these words and for many years, with great pleasure, we have kept Bosnian children in our homes, helped with their education, visited war-ravaged lands, sent hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds, food, and clothing to Bosnians, Kosovars, Turkish earthquake victims, and tyrannized Chechens. In return, without a doubt, we have abundantly received Allah’s rewards of spiritual peace and happiness as well as material prosperity.

As Allah’s Compassion upon the Universe, our Master Hd. Muhammad Mustafa (saws) promises,

“The one who takes to the road to help his Muslim brother in need receives rewards for each step he takes till he returns back to his home. And Allah forgives seventy of his sins at each step. If he succeeds in saving his brother from his troubles, all his sins are forgiven, and he is cleansed as if he is newborn. If he dies during this mission, he enters Paradise without going through the Last Day of Judgement.

“When a believer persists in helping his brother till the trouble can be eliminated, Allah sends the helper 70,000 angels, who surround him and pray for the forgiveness of his past sins from morning till night, from night until morning. And at each step he takes to help the one in need, he climbs one step higher in his spiritual level, coming closer to Allah. His effort to help his brother is better than going into spiritual retreat for ten years.”

“A home which is best loved by Allah is a home where the orphan is being taken care of.”

“Do you wish to obtain what you yearn for in life? Do you want your heart to be filled with love and joy? Then show compassion for the orphans, feed and clothe them, and try to give them joy.”

“I vow upon my Lord who sent me to tell the Truth that the one who is compassionate to the orphan and the helpless, who has mercy on them, helps them, advises them with sweet words, and treats them well, giving freely from what they have received from Allah, and not showing off their wealth and their deeds to neighbors, will be shown compassion by Allah on the day of Last Judgement.”

“When a Muslim protects a human being whose innocence, chastity and honor are in danger, Allah helps him in whatever and whenever he needs help.”

Innocent civilians are still being killed; women and children are being tortured and raped; hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless in the freezing cold, and are hungry in Chechenya, Kosova, Turkey and elsewhere. And we will continue to help, and we will continue to feel their pain.

Our Master (saws) says,

“There are two negative attributes which never exist in a true believer: bad morals and miserliness.”

“If you ever tyrannize anything or anyone, a darkness will envelope you on the Day of Last Judgement and render you blind. And do not ever be a miser. Miserliness has destroyed many people, making them see as lawful what Allah has forbidden, and making them see as distateful that which Allah has made lawful. Miserliness has made people fight and shed each others’ blood. Be generous, for the generous one is close to both man and God, and to Paradise, and far distant from Hellfire. The miser is distant from man and God alike, and removed from Paradise, and he is at the very brink of Hellfire.”

Ramadan is the month to feel the pain of the needy and to help them. So let us give.

Someone asked our Master the Beloved of Allah (saws),

“What is the best charity?”

and our Master (saws) answered,

“The best of charity is what you give when you desire and hope to keep what you own, and when you detest and are afraid of poverty, and when you aspire to be rich and enjoy life.”

May your Ramadan be blessed, and may your worship and service be accepted. Amin.

Sheikh Tosun Bayrak al Jerrahi