Shaytan and the Bull- a moral story

            There was a man who was very rich, had a beautiful house and lots of land. His most beloved possession was a prize bull. He loved it so much, he had it staked to the front yard so he could see it at all times of the day. He had a wife who was extremely beautiful, but also extremely vain. she loved nothing so much as to look at herself and even had a large full length mirror put just inside the entrance so that when she came home from outside she could see herself.

            Now, one day the husband had to leave home on business. He told his wife he would be gone for 3 or 4 days, and that she should take extra care to watch out for the bull. One afternoon, on returning to the house from an errand, she carelessly forgot to close the front door. The bull, when it looked toward the house saw its reflection. Being a bull, it thought that what it saw was another bull. This got him furious, to see another bull on his territory. He pulled and pulled, but try as he might, he was staked too tightly. Just then, a hand came up out of the ground, grabbed the stake and moved it once forward and back to center, then disappeared back under ground. This slight movement was enough. After several more minutes a tugging, pulling and straining, the bull was able to pull it free of the ground. With that, it charged its rival and amidst great crashing and destruction, broke the mirror.

            Well, the wife, hearing the noise, ran downstairs and upon seeing her beloved mirror in pieces, became beside herself in anger. She reached for her husband’s rifle which was right there on the wall, shot and killed the bull.

            Two days later, when the husband came home and saw his bull missing, and found out what had happened, he became so incensed himself that he without thinking killed his wife. Of course, when her brothers found out about the sad occurrence, they came and killed him, staring a blood feud that lasted for generations.

            Eventually, there came to be born a man who had a semblance of knowledge, and knew that this feud was senseless. He called the two families together with the intention of trying to patch up the bad feelings and end the senseless violence and bloodshed. “Don’t you know that all this is the work of the Shaytan” he cried. No sooner had he uttered these words then with a clap of thunder and a puff of smoke the Shaytan himself appeared. “ I am sorry, but I take offense at those words. do not blame me” the Shaytan said. “All I did was to move the stake; you did the rest!”