Turkey - Syria 2023 Earthquake Relief Work


Thank you to all who have donated money and goods for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Our efforts will be ongoing, as this crisis will unfortunately be ongoing. We are being careful to send money and goods only through reliable agents “on the ground.” As of March 5, here are some of the ways we have deployed your generous contributions and donations:

  • We have sent $25,000 to our dergah (Asitane) in Istanbul; people there are actively participating in relief efforts.
  • We sent a truckload of donations (diapers, clothing etc.) to be shipped to Turkey via PORTX.
  • We sent 4000 blankets to Turkey through a reliable local contact.
  • We will be sponsoring 100 people from Hatay for up to a year, giving them housing and support near Izmir. Some families have already arrived as of 2/14.
  • We are working with a Syrian contact to provide housing for 20 families for a year in a hard-hit area of Syria.
  • We donated 20 winterproof tents through a contact in Turkey.
  • Through an orphanage, we are providing 10 container homes in southern Hatay province, to provide housing for widows with children, and an additional 10 containers for the Marash area. Containers cost approximately $4,000 each.
  • Our latest effort is to distribute food packages to the needy to villages that are outside the city centers. Our agents will rent a truck for 3 days and deliver $12K worth of food directly to rural areas.

We welcome your monetary donations and zakat (no matter how small) so that we may continue to fund projects as opportunities arise. At this time, we are no longer locally collecting clothing, supplies etc... 100% of your tax-deductible donations are used to help people; no administrative costs or other expenses are incurred.

To donate please: send a check to the Jerrahi Order (884 Chestnut Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge NY 10977) , or you may use Venmo or Zelle. Venmo: Jerrahi Order of America ; Zelle: Jerrahi Order of America, Tel 845-654-0683 (Mark for earthquake relief). May Allah bless you for your efforts and generosity.