Help for Afghanistan Earthquake Victims - 2015

In response to the recent devastating earthquake in Afghanistan, the Jerrahi Order of America wired $25,000 from our Zakat fund to ATCE (Afghan Turk Cag Educational NGO) on October 28, 2015

The funds went to supply the following supplies to victims:

  • 1000 blankets
  • 2 tons of flour
  • 2 tons of noodles
  • 2 tons of sugar
  • 2 tons of beans
  • 1000 (1k.) containers of tomato paste
  • 1000 (2lt) bottles of oil
  • 2 tons of bulghur or rice

September 2015

According to our contact, Ahmet Favad, this is one of the worst earthquakes Afghanistan has ever experienced. Over 7,000 victims have lost their homes.