Bosnian Student Project

Fall 1993

In response to the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina the Halveti – Jerrahi Order developed peer counseling programs to assist the victims of the systematic rape by the Serbian military. In the fall of 1993 the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) joined us in setting up the Bosnian Student project.

Together we worked to obtain scholarships, transport and care for children, and to publicize the shocking situation in former Yugoslavia. We were able secure grants for gifted students to study abroad, and provide refuge and care to these young people until it is possible for them to return to their families. As a result of these efforts, more than 150 students were brought to USA for their high school, college and graduate education. In addition more than 100 students were accepted by private high schools in Turkey. Many of these students will return to be instrumental in the rebuilding of their homeland.