Jerrahi Sponsored School Opens in Afghanistan. (April 2003)


War destroys hope, homes and schools! Children suffer. Loneliness and insecurity swallow them. Fear enters their hearts, and the future looks grim. The children of Afghanistan have been denied peace, innocence, and their right to grow in harmony. War has destroyed everything precious to them. Even worse, it has ruined the very few educational institutions that could have taught them right.

The Jerrahi Order of America provided food, clothing and money. We are the first group working to open a contemporary primary school (grades 1-6) in Kabul. We already have a school building, have selected the teachers, and have identified a great number of students who will be attending. We have also provided for stationery and furniture, but lack the necessary funds to pay the salaries of the teachers, provide food and other necessities to create a conducive educational environment.

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