JOA Relief Efforts 2018

MLK Center - January 2018

The Jerrahi Order has donated $500 for food to the Martin Luther King Center in Spring Valley, NY for their MLK Celebration in January.

Afghanistan - Herat - May 2018

In early May, the Jerrahi Order donated $20,000 from Zekat to the Kharqa Mobaraka mosque in Herat, Afghanistan. The funds purchased 360 food packages including such staples as rice, oil and sugar. Each package will sustain a family of 4 for a month. The remaining funds were used for school supplies for poor girls attending school.

Afghanistan / Herat - May 2018 - Relief Work Images

Syrian Refugees - Izmir - May 2018

The Jerrahi Order distributed food packages to 760 Syrian refugee families in Izmir.

Syrian Refugees - Izmir - May 2018 - Relief Work Images