JOA Relief Efforts 2019

Syrian refugees in Turkey - Boot Distribution - January 2019

In January 2019, children in Syrian refugee camps in Izmir, Turkey are in dire need of boots and socks as the weather has gotten colder. The Jerrahi Order therefore bought and distributed 1,239 pairs of boots and 1,000 pairs of mid-weight socks. $7,000 was allocated for this project.

Syrian refugees in Turkey - January 2019 - Relief Work Images

Syrian refugees in Turkey - Blanket Distribution - February 2019

After the recent flood, refugees lost some of their tents and blankets. JOA decided to distribute 2300 blankets. The cost of a military style wool blanket is 25 TL. JOA spent $11,000 to cover the cost of blankets and distribution.

Syrian refugees in Turkey - February 2019 - Relief Work Images

People to People - January 2019

JOA spent $1000 for basic food shopping at Restaurant Depot and delivered the items to the organization in Nanuet for food donations in the Rockland area.

Syrian refugees in Turkey - May 2019

Candy, chocolate and notebooks were distributed to 800 children in the camps on 5/28/19 to Syrian refugee camps in Izmir, Turkey.

Connect Children Now in Lebanon - May 2019

JOA spent $14,400 for 800 sweet boxes educational toys for 800 poor and disadvantaged refugee families in Lebanon.

CFTA in Gaza - May 2019

JOA spent $10,000 to distribute cash, toys and sweets to needy families as needed in Gaza.

AWSDC in Kabul, Afganistan - May 2019

JOA spent $10,000 to distribute care packages containing clothes, shoes, sweets and toys to 400 children in Kabul orphanage.

NECDO in Afghanistan- May 2019

JOA spent $9,500 to distribute care packages containing clothes, shoes, sweets, stationary and school supplies to orphans and school children in Kabul.